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Big Boy

The Thrift Family

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...Big Boy as I stated is my first dog, so this was new to me; but he has been a dream. It has been the best experience ever. Me and Ray love Big Boy to death; he is an amazing puppy that does everything to entertain us. We are a better family because of him. Tim, I am so thankful for that meeting with Chulo and for you allowing us to make “Big Boy” a part of our family. I must say that we cannot go anywhere and not have people stop and comment on Big Boy’s look, size and temperament. I just want to commend Queen City on producing great dogs and for your continued support and guidance. Your puppy obedience training class was exceptional, we learned so much about being a great owner to “Big Boy” and how to train him to be a happy puppy. We look forward to getting another puppy from you down with line with hopes of getting “Big Boy” a playmate. ...read more


Thank you again,
The Thrift Family
Proud owners of Queen City’s “Big Boy”




The Clarke Family



Hello Tim, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the time you spent with us prior to us making a decision on purchasing a puppy. Me and wife love that fact that you took the time to explain the history, temperment, and what we should expect from the ownership of our first Cane Corso. We thank you that even after the purchase of Nikko, you still take the time to speak to us and answer any questions that we may have. You truly stand behind the puppies that you produce. Queen City Breeders has establised itself and one of the BEST breeders that breeds true CANE CORSOS!! Nikko has been a great addition to our family and even at 14 week olds shows the quality that one should expect in owning this particular breed. We recommend to anyone that 's looking for dog that will be your family member, companion, and guardian  the CANE CORSO is your dog and Queen City is your breeder. 
Thanks again
Travis, Yvonne, Jasmime and Omar



Pup #2
The Clarke Family





The Cade Family




The Jennings Family


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Our overall buying experience with Queen City Cane Corso was extremely pleasant. From start to completion, Mr. McNeil offered a significant amount of essential and expert advice, ranging from general to breed specific. His flexibility afforded us the opportunity to add a " show dog" quality Cane Corso with great temperament, to our family. We continually receive compliments regarding our puppy's appearance and temperament. And, though our puppy is over four months old, Mr. McNeil is still and always available to provide continued advice and answer questions, including but not limited to, crate and obedience training, health and hygiene concerns, etc. We would recommend any potential pet owner to consider Queen City Cane Corso for their next buying experience:)

Jennings Family
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Sonny Bnito

Frank Hall & Family

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Sonny Boy

Cordell Hall & Family




The Emison Family




The Lambert Family

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When I came to pick up Gianna, she was ready with her shots, dewclaws removed, ears and tail clipped. I had to wait an additional week for Gianna, because her stitches were not fully healed in time for her to go home. Tim wanted to make sure she healed properly and that she was in tip top shape. During the wait Tim stayed in touch with me to update Gianna’s status. This was definitely a great sign of his love and compassion of his dogs. I also attended his obedience training course and Gianna passed with a 90% on the first time taking the test. I will be attending additional advance training with Queen City Cane Corso, because the overall experience has been very rewarding and outstanding to my family and Gianna. ...read more


Thank You
The Lambert Family




Sir Remo
The Lambert Family


Another great testimony...

What can I say, its been two years and we came back to purchase another Cane Corso from Queen City! I fell into a deeper love for the breed so much that I had to purchase another one. This time we chose a male and named him Sir Remo. We have definitely enjoyed the wonderful experience with Tim and QCCC. The fact that Tim and QCCC is so much more than a reputable breeder and kennel, his professionalism and knowledge of this breed and canines in general speaks volumes. I am very impressed with how Gianna has developed in just two years.(She is 25.5 inches at the withers and a solid 115lbs. Gianna's temperament is amazing. She has earned her Canine Good Citizen award with her eye on the titles of  TT, GDT, and other obedience titles). My new pup Remo was a whopping 22lbs at eight weeks and now at eleven weeks has grown to 32lbs. The second time around purchasing a pup from Queen City was just as memorable and pleasant as the first time.

Tim, thank you for you continued professionalism and loyalty to the breed and for producing such wonderful "Old World" Cane Corso's. I look forward to the spring for Remo's first obedience classes.


See you soon,
The Lambert Family  




The Broughtons Family




The Larosiliere Family



Don Vito

The White Family





The Dosunmu Family




Tim thanks for making my buying experience a fantastic one. You made me and my family very comfortable through the whole process and you continue to lend your support up to now. Czar is an instant celebrity everywhere he goes, people love not only his color but his temperament and size. Can’t wait to go through obedience school and once I’m able to convince my wife, we will be getting another Cane Corso from you. Thanks again.


The Dosunmu Family




The Gray Family





The Carter Family

Derrick Carter of Big Tree Corso




The Thomas Family






The Wells Family





I would like to express my gratitude to you, Mr. McNeil and Family. The Queen City Cane Corso overall experience was Excellent; from the significant amount of knowledge on the breed, its history to the expert advice and support given.  I am astonished by Zuly’s temperament and characteristics more and more every day.  I receive compliment on Zuly everywhere we are.  Mr. Tim is always available to provide advice and answer any questions which are greatly appreciated.  I am proud to be a Queen City Cane Corso owner and have made many recommendations to all inquiries.  I look forward to Basic Training.  She has made me very happy and I love her!  I am grateful for everyday I am with Zuly! 


Thank you!! 
The Wells Family





The Harrison Family







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